RE-ZIP - Your sustainable choice. Circular packaging for the webstore

Circular packaging is the future of e-commerce

RE-ZIP connects e-commerce players to make reusable packaging convenient and affordable.

The RE-ZIP vision is to put an end to single-use packaging within the e-commerce industry. We do this by establishing partnerships with value for webstores, carriers, and customers alike – while decreasing CO2e emissions significantly.

It’s that easy

The RE-ZIP loop shows how a single unit of circular packaing is reused again and again

The RE-ZIP loop

Online customers choose circular packaging at checkout. After delivery, the packaging is collapsed to a convenient return format, and the nearest Drop Point is easily located using the RE-ZIP app.

As soon as the customer scans the RE-ZIP at a Drop Point, a reward will be issued as a thanks from the planet. 

The RE-ZIP infrastructure ensures any returned packing will be guided via existing movements to a cleaning hub, where it will be prepared for the next shipment, so it can be used again and again and again.

See how RE-ZIP works in your country

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Reduce co2 emissions with circular packaging from RE-ZIP

80 % reduced CO2e

Reduce water consumption with circular packaging from RE-ZIP

89 % reduced water consumption

Reduce wood consumption with circular packaging from RE-ZIP

93 % reduced wood consumption

Miljø og klima


A solution that can make a difference


We are always striving to find new sustainable solutions in collaboration with our partners. That is why RE-ZIP was the natural choice for us as we take our next steps towards more reusable packaging. We opted for 100% RE-ZIP packaging to provide our customers with an easy opportunity to make a difference. We are happy to take the lead and pay the price for a solution that can have a positive impact on the environment and engage our customers in the circular journey. We believe that our customers will be circular pioneers alongside us.

Quality and sustainability goes hand in hand


Our customers love the RE-ZIP circular packaging! Since we introduced RE-ZIP on our webstore in january 2022, more than 70% of our customers have opted into the circular packaging. It is important for ZENZ to ensure quality and be environmentally friendly, and luckily these are values we share with RE-ZIP!

Supports our green brand


We wish to give our customers an option to choose circularity, and at the same time tell the story of our focus on accountability here at Rosendahl Design Group. We believe that RE-ZIP is a good alternative to ordinary packaging and gives our customer the option to contribute to the green agenda. The solution also supports Rosendahl Design Groups desire to decrese our environmental impact on this earth.