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RE-ZIP strengthens circular packaging through the EU LIFE program

In 2023, RE-ZIP achieved significant approval from the EU LIFE program, marking a pivotal milestone in the efforts to establish a comprehensive international infrastructure for circular packaging. The project ’ EU Circular Packaging Infrastructure’ project’ will extend until 2026, and at RE-ZIP, we look forward to the exciting journey ahead of us.

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About EU Life

The LIFE program is the European Union’s funding instrument for environmental and climate action. It is the European Union’s funding program that supports green innovations and cleantech solutions related to the environment, nature conservation, climate action, and energy goals. The program aims to contribute to the transition to a clean, circular, energy efficient, climate neutral, and climate resilient economy by supporting innovative projects and the commercialization of new solutions in line with nature, environmental, and climate related policies in Europe.

Project Description

The goal of the ‘EU Circular Packaging Infrastructure’ project is to test and validate a circular packaging concept for the e-commerce industry as an alternative to single-use packaging. In collaboration with strategic partners, RE-ZIP aims to create a more sustainable e-commerce landscape by introducing a circular packaging concept in multiple countries. The objective is to establish an efficient return infrastructure that, over time, will be capable of circulating e-commerce packaging at a lower cost than the production of single-use packaging today. This will transform the entire e-commerce industry away from single-use packaging. For news on the EU Circular Packaging Infrastructure project, click here.


The collaboration with companies like Inpost, Boozt, Labels, Mily Technologies, and RajaPack has played a crucial role in this journey. Together, a common goal of implementing RE-ZIP’s circular packaging concept in new countries and continuing the development of products with a focus on combating the use of single-use packaging in e-commerce is shared.

  • Inpost: As a market leader in Poland and with operations in several other European countries, Inpost will test and validate RE-ZIP’s concept as a full-service partner.
  • Raja: As a European leader in the distribution of supplies and equipment to businesses, Raja will test and validate the partnership model in the Benelux markets.
  • Boozt: As the leading Nordic department store, Boozt will collaborate to develop and test the perfect circular bag for fashion, children, sports, beauty, and home.
  • Labels: As a pioneer in urban logistics, Labels will participate in testing and validating various city infrastructure setups.
  • Mily Tech: Will provide valuable support by assisting in the design and development of a location management and optimization system that enhances PUDO locations and pickup routes.