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About RE-ZIP

What is RE-ZIP?

RE-ZIP is a circular packaging concept that enables a webshop to offer its customers a sustainable alternative to disposable packaging.

RE-ZIP can be sent with all distributors, just as usual, but unlike traditional packaging, RE-ZIP’s packaging can be returned to RE-ZIP at no cost to the customer so they can be used again and again.

When RE-ZIP receives the packaging, it generates a discount code for the customer of the webshop, which the customer can then use for the next time he or she shops on the webshop.

Why choose RE-ZIP?

Half of the online consumers today attach great importance to sustainability, and last but not least the packaging in their choice of a webshop.

Compared to disposable packaging, CO2 emissions are reduced by 84% with just 10 cycles.

RE-ZIP strengthens your green profile and increases resale and customer loyalty. In other words, SUSTAINABILITY pays off.


What is circular packaging?

Circular packaging is like the Danish deposit system in bottles. Which is, packaging that can be recycled several times by customers returning the packaging after usage, thereby enabling it to be recycled again and again. For more information – click here.

What sizes does the RE-ZIP packaging come in?

RE-ZIP supply reusable bag packaging in several sizes, as well as a boxes. See the different types on the front page

How does the customer choose RE-ZIP packaging?

The customer can choose the RE-ZIP packaging at check-out on your webshop. It can be a checkbox where the customer can choose the RE-ZIP packaging at an additional cost.

How do you ensure the quality of the packaging?

Each package is quality assured and cleaned when it is returned. The packaging will be discarded if its condition does not allow for another recycling.

How do you handle defective packaging?

We take the packages back if they can’t be used.

Is RE-ZIP packaging replacing my current packaging?

No. RE-ZIP is just an addition to your current packaging.

How many RE-ZIP packaging do I have to ordrer?

You can order the different packaging types in units of ten. 

How does the re-stock work?

You can order RE-ZIP packaging at any time by logging in to the RE-ZIP Manager.

Go to the menu on the left and click  ‘Ordering RE-ZIP’

Delivery of RE-ZIP packaging takes place within three working days, so it is a good idea to make sure that your minimum level is always above what you expect to use within the period of three days. This way, you never run out of RE-ZIPs. 

Shipping and returns

What are the shipping cost for shpping to customers?

It depends on the company’s own instructions. RE-ZIP does not cover shipping costs for shipping and / or return between your company and customers.

What costs does RE-ZIP cover?

RE-ZIP covers the return when the customer returns the packaging to the RE-ZIP warehouse.

What delivery company can we use by using RE-ZIP?

This is the company’s own choice. The shipping between your company and the customer is according to the company’s agreements.

Can I use my standard labels?

Yes. It is the same method that you are used to.

Is it my responsibility to return the packaging?

No, it is up to the customer to return the packaging to us. If the customer does not return the packaging, the voucher will not be sent.

Does the RE-ZIP packaging require extra handling compared to the current handling?

No, instructions and return label for the customer are already on the packaging when you receive it. RE-ZIP packaging does not require any registration or extra handling for you as a webshop. You simply receive the RE-ZIP packaging, pack the order in the packaging when requested by the customer, and send it off! The only registration is done by the customer, who has to scan the QR-code on the packaging using the RE-ZIP app before sending it back to us, which will generate the voucher. 

How do we handle packaging that a customer has used for returning an ordrer?

Packaging that is returned to you with returned goods in it can be used by you again. It does not require any registration – it is ready for use when you receive it! 

What can I do if my labels dosen’t stick?

The problem can be solved in three ways:

  • Make sure to change to a label that has stronger attach in the printer
  • Use our package tape. One roll of tape contains for 100 shipments. Price 75 DKK excl shipping. If you want to order – send us an e-mail: [email protected]
  • Use some different kind of tape. Just make sure that the label is fastened to the packaging


How do we exchange voucher information?

You generate a number of vouchers in your own shop system. You decide how many, and then we make sure that they are sent out one at a time, as the packaging returns.

You upload the vouchers in the RE-ZIP Manager -> ‘Vouchers’.


What should the voucher consist of?

It is entirely up to you to decide how your vouchers should be designed. You must, of course, comply with the law in this area. The voucher must also contain a real incentive concerning the additional payment.

How does the customer redeem their voucher?

When the customer scans the code on the RE-ZIP package at the drop-off location, indicating that it is ready to be sent off, we send the customer a voucher in the RE-ZIP app. 

What can a voucher look like?

It can be a percentage discount, a cash discount with or without a requirement for a minimum purchase or a discount on the purchase of more than 2 products, etc.


How do we sync with other systems?

RE-ZIP offers a simpel API-integration that works at the most systems

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