RE-ZIP makes a real difference

RE-ZIP is working hard to challenge our throw-away culture. The environment is unnecessarily burdened every time packaging ends up in the bin and new ones have to be produced. Therefore, RE-ZIP has developed a cycle where packaging is reused several times. When we reuse, we expand the lifetime of the packaging and we save the resources that would have gone into producing something new.

RE-ZIP is inspired by the Danish bottle return system which has been in place since 1942, ensuring that used bottles are reused multiple times. RE-ZIP’s circular packaging can similarly be reused several times, with customers returning them, at a RE-ZIP Drop Point found through the RE-ZIP app.

re-zip spares the environment from single-use packaging
RE-ZIP spares the environment from CO2 emissions

80 % reduced CO2e

RE-ZIP helps the environment by reducing water consumption

89 % reduced water consumption

RE-ZIP helps the environment by reducing wood consumption

93 % reduced wood consumption

Miljø og klima
RE-ZIP helps the environment through circular economy

Reuse before recycle

Reusing reduces CO2-emissions significantly, whereas the reduction is minimal for recycling. This is why RE-ZIP operates under the principle reuse before recycle. This way, a single piece of packaging is reused multiple times before it is recycled.


RE-ZIP’s circular system

RE-ZIP packaging is both economically and environmentally sustainable at the first or second shipment compared to ordinary disposable packaging. It is important for RE-ZIP to make packaging that does not have to be reused several times in order to be sustainable. A RE-ZIP packaging is returned on average 4.4 times, which corresponds to a return rate of 80%. Therefore, RE-ZIP’s packaging is designed to be used up to 10 times. It is more responsible than making packaging that can last much longer than is actually needed.

RE-ZIP efforts for the UN’s SDG goals

RE-ZIP wants to do its part in achieving the UN’s SDG goals. Of the 17 goals set by the UN, RE-ZIP is particularly focused on contributing to two of them. For a detailed insight, please see the text below.

Goal 9: Industries, innovation and infrastructure

RE-ZIP has rethought the way we handle packaging. Rather than using the traditional linear model where we use a product to throw it away again, RE-ZIP has developed a circular system of recycling supported by an infrastructure and an IT system developed by RE-ZIP. In addition, it is easy and economically accessible, so that small as well as large companies have the opportunity to offer their customers a more sustainable and circular shipment.

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Consumption in the world is increasing day by day. From the start, RE-ZIP’s primary purpose has been to create a more sustainable e-commerce by reducing disposable products. This is expressed by the fact that RE-ZIP has created an alternative to single-use packaging, where the packaging does not have to go through a CO2-heavy process to be recycled, but instead the RE-ZIP packaging is reused again and again until it has done its job and is recycled.