Frequently Asked Questions


About RE-ZIP

What is RE-ZIP?

RE-ZIP is a circular packaging concept that enables a webshop to offer its customers a sustainable alternative to disposable packaging.

RE-ZIP can be sent with all distributors, just as usual, but unlike traditional packaging, RE-ZIP’s packaging can be returned to RE-ZIP at no cost to the customer so they can be used again and again. After use the RE-ZIP packaging is folded to envelope-size and won’t take up much space. 

The customer return the RE-ZIP packaging through Drop Point. As a parcel shop, you can become a RE-ZIP Drop Point. 

When RE-ZIP receives the packaging, it generates a reward for the customer of the webshop, which the customer can then use the next time he or she shops on the webshop.

Why partner with RE-ZIP?
By partnering with RE-ZIP, your parcel shop will see more customers entering your store, and you will be paid by RE-ZIP for each packaging you return to us.
What do I do when a customer hands in a RE-ZIP?

When a customer hands in RE-ZIP packaging, simply receive it from them without charging them. Collect all RE-ZIP packaging and we will take care of the rest. You will receive payment from us for each RE-ZIP collected.

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