Privacy Policy for the RE-ZIP Mobile APP

In connection with your use of the RE-ZIP app and the creation of a user profile, we process a few personal information about you. Personal information is all kinds of information that to some extent can be attributed to you.

The APP can be used without creating a profile which means that collected data cannot be linked directly to your name or e-mail address.

In connection with the data protection regulation, we must state how we process your data, and you can read more about this below. It is important for us to emphasize that we process your personal information in a secure and confidential manner.

If you allow the use of the GPS function, your geographical location is used solely to guide you to the nearest return point and to verify that you are at the return point. We use Google Maps map service for this. You can read more about Google Maps Privacy Policy here: Privacy Policy – Privacy and Terms – Google . RE-ZIP only has access to your used return point and the time you returned your RE-ZIP. The processing of your location is necessary for the data controller to register your return of the packaging, and thus to pursue a legitimate interest.

If creating a profile, you will get the benefit of keeping track of you Retur Rewards across multiple devices, but it also means that your email, name and password can be be linked to the vouchers you have received and the Drop Point locations you have used.


The information is used to identify you as a user, to register your returned packaging and vouchers, as well as to be able to provide the services you have requested, such as to use the GPS function to find the nearest return point. In addition, we use the information to optimize our services and content, as well as compile statistics for internal analysis to improve and develop our services and products.

Storage period

The information you enter in the app is saved until you delete your RE-ZIP account. If you want to delete your RE-ZIP account and all your information, this is done by contacting us.

Insights and complaints

You have the right to be informed of the personal data we process about you. You can also object to your information being used at any time. You can also withdraw your consent to information about you being processed. If the information processed about you is incorrect, you have the right to have it corrected or deleted. Inquiries about this can be made to: [email protected]. If you want to complain about our processing of your personal data, you can contact the Danish Data Protection Agency.


You should never share your profile information with others. If you do so, RE-ZIP is not responsible for the misuse of your profile or your information.

In the event of loss of data due to technical errors, RE-ZIP does not take responsibility.


RE-ZIP reserves the right to change the terms. In the event of changes, the date and the version number of the Privacy Policy will change. The current privacy policy will be available in this app.

You can at any time delete your profile. If you delete your profile, you will lose the opportunity to keep your vouchers if you replace your device, as well as the opportunity to send vouchers to acquaintances. If you want to delete your profile, please contact us.