RE-ZIP’s unique packaging, IT platform, and infrastructure are the solution to several of the issues companies encounter when reducing the consumption of disposable packaging. That is why RE-ZIP is happy to establish collaborations that go beyond the core product, which is circular packaging for e-commerce.

RE-ZIP secures EU LIFE grant

June 2023

In RE-ZIP, we have marked a significant milestone in our efforts to establish a comprehensive international infrastructure for circular packaging. We are thrilled and proud to announce that we have obtained support from the EU LIFE funds after a year-long application process and can now officially call ourselves an EU Life project.

The EU LIFE program is the only EU fund exclusively dedicated to environmental and climate goals. It is an honor for us to be supported by this program, which backs projects contributing to the objectives of the European Green Deal and its associated policies and strategies. We view this as a remarkable chance to expedite our endeavors towards expanding our infrastructure for circular packaging in e-commerce.

Our partnerships with the companies Inpost, RajaPack, Boozt, Labels (after zero), and Mily Technologies have played a crucial role in our journey. Together, we share a common objective of introducing RE-ZIP’s circular packaging concept in additional countries and advancing the development of our products, with a particular emphasis on expanding our infrastructure for circular packaging.

The awarded EU LIFE support ensures significant funding for our project. These funds enable us to expand our influence and intensify our efforts to promote the circular economy and combat single-use packaging on a global scale.

InPost, with its significant market presence and operations in several European countries, will serve as our primary test setup. By utilizing InPost’s extensive network and market access, we can further strengthening the development and implementation of our circular packaging infrastructure.

Rajapack Belgium, one of the leading packaging distributors, will be launching a test using the RE-ZIP model. By incorporating reusable packaging into their offerings, they aim to being a forerunner of a European rollout program.

Boozt, a Nordic technology company in the fashion and lifestyle sector, will collaborate with us to develop a circular bag specifically for fast fashion.

Labels, a green tech company specializing in decentralized in-city logistics, will join us as a partner in testing and validating the circular packaging concept as part of a logistic infrastructure.

Mily Technologies will provide valuable support by assisting in the design and development of a location management and optimization system, optimizing PUDO locations and pick-up routes.

The project, titled “EU Circular Packaging Infrastructure,” represents more than just a step forward for us at RE-ZIP. It is a commitment to continuing the transformation and reshaping of how we perceive and utilize packaging. We look forward to continuing our journey of developing a more circular and sustainable e-commerce landscape.

RE-ZIP is now B-Corp Certified

May 2023

RE-ZIP’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility has always been at the forefront of our mission. To ensure that our practices align with this commitment throughout our value chain, we have chosen one of the highest social and environmental criteria: becoming a certified B Corp. We’re excited to announce that we have of May 2023 completed our certification process with a score of 124.5, well above the minimum 80 points required. 

We are proud to be a member of the global B Corp movement, fighting for a better tomorrow for people and the planet. Our certification represents our commitment to using business as a force for good and operating at high standards of social and environmental responsibility. 

In August 2021, RE-ZIP set out on the journey of becoming a B Corp certified company. A journey that with hindsight has been equally hard and challenging as well as giving, educative and not least healthy for RE-ZIP being a rather young and small organization. We were warned more than once of the high level of details of documentation and comprehensive audit from the B Corp team. However, we have not once had second thoughts as the B Corp certification has been the milestone for us, as it measures not only our environmental impact but also our social and governance practices, ensuring transparency and accountability to all stakeholders in and around the company. 

We are grateful for the recognition and support of the B Corp community and look forward to continuing to grow and improve as a responsible corporate business. 

Collaboration with InPost

DEC 2021

Our green journey outside of Denmark’s borders continues to Poland, where we are the first to introduce reusable packaging for online shopping. We have started a partnership with InPost and MODIVO. This project is important not only for the e-commerce industry, but also for the cities of Poland, with whom we collaborate on the InPost Green Cities project.

First step into Austria

NOV 2021

RE-ZIP takes its first step into Austria in the fight against single use packaging in the e-commerce sector. We have launched a pilot project with three strong brands: INTERSPORT, Thalia Bücher, and dm drogerie markt, as well as the Austrian postal office, Österreichischen Post. We are thrilled to launch this partnership and proud to be making a difference outside of Denmark’s borders.